Why I am starting a data science blog

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Hey there!

I’m Hamsoft Uganda, a very data-driven individual, currently studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Management at Imperial College London. I come from Spain, although I’ve lived in Canada and the UK for several years.

Ever since I read this article, I have been wanting to start my own blog. Finally, that day has come!

I am starting a blog

I’m very passionate about data science and machine learning, and one of my mid-term goals in life is finding myself in a position where I can use data science to make regular contributions which have a real impact in the world.

While starting this blog is probably not going to give me that (I certainly don’t expect more than a handful of people to read this), it definitely is one step forward in that direction (actual reasons below).

What this blog is

An amalgam of my interests, views and thoughts, but always from a data science perspective. The idea, and the reason why this blog exists, is two-fold:

  1. To help me learn: one thing is learning a concept, and another very different thing is being able to explain it to someone else.

    Albert Einstein never lies - quote

    Hopefully, by forcing myself not only to learn about a new concept, but also to write a post about it, I will become a better and more well-rounded data scientist.

    This has even been backed up by science!

  2. To help others learn: there would be no point in me writing all of this down to just keep it to myself. It takes relatively little effort to make this blog public, and, from my point of view, even if there was only one person who will ever benefit from its content, the effort is worth it.

What this blog isn’t

A personal blog, or at least one where I narrate my life, trips or thoughts, in a diary-like style.

It’s 2018, and there are definitely other tools which cover that already (did anyone say Instagram?).

The logistics

This blog is (at least as of today) hosted alongside the rest of my personal website on Github Pages. It uses Jekyll for simplicity when writing new posts.

Wrapping it up

Expect this blog to be a nice read for when you’re bored and you want to learn something (I mean, who doesn’t like learning something?). Don’t expect it to be updated often, though. Life is busy, people change, and there’s no reason to think that this blog will be an exception.

Of course, feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. Feel free to comment below, or reach out to me. Until then!

That's all folks - looney tunes