Geo IP & Server
Get the details behind every server

Geo IP & Server is a complete geocoding solution and one of the most popular IP to geolocation apps, its a Must have tool for every web developer and network Admin to help with your research on websites or IP's, it will help you to:-

Displays the DNS information critical for identifying who is hosting a particular domain name or website.

Determine the IP address of the primary domain (A record), mail servers (MX records), DNS servers (name servers) and other items such as SPF records (TXT records).

Determine the Mail Servers for Particular Domain You might use this APP to find out what server(s) accept email for a specific domain (by doing an MX record lookup).
Responsive image To Determine Whether the Domain Restricts Who Can Send email You might use this APP to determine the SPF record for a domain (by looking up the TXT record for the domain), to see if the domain tries to restrict who can send email using the domain.

Important in detecting or dealing with cybercrime or network security issues.

Security penetration testers and researchers will use information collected from DNS to expand their knowledge of an organizations information technology infrastructure and from that knowledge begin to understand the attack surface.

To prevent spam attacks from a particular web server or IP address. When your site is attacked by spam repeatedly, it is possible to obtain the IP address(es) of the attackers and then uses a reverse DNS lookup tool to obtain site registration information of that IP address.

This is a simple tool to show your public IP and your geolocation based on your public IP. And also features a domain query function for geo location information.